by Richard Treadgold
4 February, 2022

We need to clarify exactly why people are upset with the government’s changes to our democracy.

Most of the media and many commentators give the impression the government’s been pushing the co-governance barrow for years and we’re finally sick of it. David Farrar gives a good example:

Many conservative voters are deeply unhappy with the Government’s never-ending push for co-governance, be it in health or water. — snipped from Luxon focusing on brand first, Patreon, 3 Feb 2022

But this is a mistake. The truth is we’re still reeling from the shock. Our darling Jacinda kept it secret during the election and long after. We found out only a few months ago—around August. Then we learned that she and her co-governance co-conspirators had been secretly plotting for years to confiscate our voting rights. How long before she goes after the general roll?

There’s every indication they planned to keep it secret, but investigators at the NZ Centre for Political Research and the Taxpayers’ Union blew the whistle on their devious schemes and they were forced belatedly to publish them. Turns out there’s a decades-old plan, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), that recently had its principles fleshed out for New Zealand by Labour and iwi leaders in the He Puapua Report that prepares the ground for extraordinary racist amendments to existing legislation, the establishment of major new community bodies such as the Maori Health Authority and radical, racist intrusions into the school curriculum, eliminating our English heritage and whitewashing unsavoury parts of Maori history.

On election night 2020 Newshub reported Jacinda Ardern said in her victory speech:

We will not take your support for granted and I can promise you we will be a party which governs for every New Zealander.

Today people are angry the government betrayed us in concealing these fundamental changes to our country and still refuse to consult us.


We’re angry at government racism and deceit, not co-governance. That’s what we have, more commonly called democracy—everyone freely participating in government. But suddenly the government confiscates our voting rights and gives them to the tribes, the so-called indigenous people, without consulting us. Wouldn’t you be angry?

People say the government are giving iwi new rights to vote, but they’re not. Look carefully. Remember that iwi leaders, as ordinary citizens and therefore qualified to vote (because in a democracy all it takes is to be a lawful citizen), already possess those rights. They participate in the same electoral contests we all do. Having those rights is no crime—they are the pinnacle of democracy. The blatant crime, the sedition, THE TREASON, IS TO REMOVE THOSE RIGHTS FROM YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS.

Call it by its name

So let’s not call that co-governance—because co-governance is democracy—instead, call it by its name. When you confiscate a group’s electoral rights and grant them to another group based on their race, it’s called apartheid. Racist. Separatist. Prejudiced. Bigoted. Any of those will do. It is not co-governance, it is undemocratic, unlawful.

I hate talking about this because I have Maori friends and they’re not the ones behind this. In fact, ordinary Maoris will be the last to see any of the largesse that flows to their iwis from these asset grabs—as they have flowed under treaty settlements for thirty years.

The Maori in the street is not doing this. Our democratic rights are being taken by the separatist iwi elite wrecking democracy and sowing division for personal gain and they must be stopped.