We’re a group of patriotic Kiwis extremely disturbed with the direction this country is taking. Our government has been taken over by racist ideologues who don’t much like democracy and they’re turning our world topsy-turvy. They didn’t mention this during their election campaign and they’re not asking, just laying down the law, which goes right against the grain. Free New Zealand brings conservative voices together to let Kiwi voters know what Labour are up to. We want to inspire all Kiwis to renounce this government and kick them out of office.

We strive to provide rich resources to inspire your conservative instincts and show how conservatism protects workers, homeowners, businessmen, public servants, soldiers and airmen, teachers, engineers and scientists. Under conservative leadership, every corner of the country flourishes and the nation prospers. A conservative leadership keeps you safe in a cruel and uncertain world.

Members of Free NZ are a mix of professionals and ordinary people and we need your help, so join us. We collaborate with great conservative groups around the country so their separate voices are heard as one. We’re a conservative voice for all, the news media you can trust.

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Anyone can visit the website for nothing and browse the blog, but it’ll cost a few dollars to get the Newsletter and access the Library.

We want members to contribute skill and pocket money to the work of restoring the country’s freedoms. This government must go, and we have two years to do it—perhaps only a year or less if the government thinks a snap election might succeed. We don’t need powerful people, though they help enormously with publicity. We need lots of members, because only voters will defeat the government. We’re serious.

It’s now or never

Richard Treadgold