With the subject Join Free New Zealand. We need to know your first and last names (a requirement when handling your money) and your region (which tells us our national reach).

Membership fees are temporarily on hold. We’ll have more details soon.

For that you get our email newsletter, access to our email discussions, you can vote in our polls, sign our petitions and access our online Library with its articles and reference material.

Topics include the New Zealand constitution, our history, education system, public health system, local bodies, climate policy, COVID-19, power generation, farming, trade and foreign policy, with a fair bit of scientific material.

We need members to contribute skill or money to the work of restoring the country’s freedoms. The government speaks of the future as though what they have done will stay done, so there’ll be no return to freedom until they are removed. This must happen in late 2023 unless there’s a snap election. We need large numbers to win.

When you’re ready to make further donations for our work, we’d be most grateful.

If this government is returned to office, the blatant destruction inflicted on our institutions would become permanent, since the voting rules themselves are being altered in favour of the activists.

It’s now or never