video courtesy Julian Batchelor’s STOP Co-governance Campaign

A thoughtful, professional, loving message for New Zealanders. I trust it will inspire many to inquire into the democratic principles that secure freedom, study them and master them.

Because freedom is never an accident.

Please distribute the video widely. Let’s help it reach the whole country and salute our widely-respected constitutional system — the world’s third-oldest continuous democracy.

The Maori activists will be desperate for power, but we have seen their childish tactics, heard their bare-faced lies and suffered their craven deceptions, and I hear many people saying: “Never again!” So it will take a lifetime of surrender and service to our great country for them to earn our trust once more. I refer to the activists, the iwi elite, those preying on their fellow tribesmen.

I don’t include the beloved Maori friends and neighbours we have lived with for generations, been to school with, partied with, prayed with, fought beside.

The Rotorua District Council (Representation Arrangements) Bill, 2022, guided through utterly insufficient public consultation by Tamati Coffey, would have endowed each Maori vote with three times the elective power of each General vote (as described by Barry Brill on the NZCPR website). Thus it brought unmistakable racism to the law and to the country. No wonder they tried hard to stifle public comment.

Fortunately, Attorney-General David Parker (staunch Labour servant for years but a good keen man) wasn’t having it. He stepped in when he saw that it contravened the NZ Bill of Rights Act, since those on the General roll would have been discriminated against. Eventually Labour quietly dropped that Bill. Although their dream of domination remains.

We can thank heaven that our solid democratic traditions let us escape this growing democratic disaster after voters learned the facts in an unlikely grass-roots campaign of truth-telling by individuals high and low around the country, with no support from our once-loyal media—in fact in the face of its active obstruction. But it was close. The treasonous activists almost succeeded, and in only a few short months they might have put our electoral escape forever beyond our reach.

So we must always be watchful. These traitors remain in the country, spreading their newly written history, as though they were paragons of virtue when the British arrived, and confirming their poisonous messages of colonial oppression among their tribes. They’re still teaching our children a new, appalling racist history of New Zealand, they convert academics, professionals in law, accounting, science and medicine and captains of industry to their cause and they express zero remorse for their overspending and failure to deliver on previous election promises, even doubling down on allegations of racism and Maori-bashing against the Coalition government.

The fossil media not only strongly support the activists but even deny the election result, as though voters have not expressed their wishes. Really?

At least we know what we’re up against. Just as freedom is never an accident, neither is freedom’s ruin.

Richard Treadgold