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This was written just before Jacinda Ardern resigned her position as Prime Minister. None of this needs to change — but recognize that it describes the past except where these egregious changes affect the future.

Our very own government has attacked vital civil infrastructure and inflicted outrageous damage. Our electoral system, the rule of law and institutions up and down the country are reeling from the assault. Their unlawful COVID-19 mandates stripped us of ancient rights of movement and freedom from forced medical procedures. The “kind” Prime Minister hasn’t consulted us on any of this—in fact, she actively held it secret for as long as she could.

She’s a leader who gives tyrants a bad name. Even Genghis Khan gave notice he would kill everyone. But not our Jacinda.

Local bodies are being stripped of the community water assets paid for by generations of our ancestors, while we were promised that local bodies would still own the assets. That proved thin, as ownership was exposed as a scabby little lie. No normal ownership powers were allowed, so no using the assets as collateral, or selling, improving, repairing or operating them, and no compensation for their loss. What a joke!

The new owners will be unidentified, unelected and unaccountable members of Maori tribes. No British descendants allowed. Racist by definition. Apartheid, much?

Free speech is being torn apart under the guise of protecting the vulnerable, and new undemocratic electoral rules, allocations of race-based political power, revision of the school history curriculum, race-based health reforms and penal policy all contribute to a wave of anxiety and revulsion across the country. We think Kiwis need to know the extent of Labour’s willing destruction of our prosperous, free and successful nation admired on many levels around the world.

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We need funds and expertise to restore the country’s freedoms. First, this wicked socialist, activist-led government must be voted out, when (and if) Jacinda authorizes an election.

Whoever forms the new freedom-loving government must manage a difficult legislative and consultative programme to put it all back in place. Who knows whether that will even be possible?

Reversing the damage this government has already done will be difficult, and they’re still at it, with what we must assume is an great pile of pending reforms, but if they get back in, it may be impossible to stop, since they’ve altered the voting rules to favour themselves, and we think they want to disenfranchise everyone but the Maoris. Practically nobody has complained so far, so why should they stop?

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