Free New Zealand

We have witnessed outrageous damage to our electoral system, legal principles and social structures. The government’s COVID-19 policies, local body asset-stripping, undemocratic electoral rules, allocations of race-based political power, revision of the school history curriculum, race-based health reforms and penal policy demonstrate their error-ridden ways. We want Kiwi voters to know what Labour have done, to oppose them and kick them out of office.

Conservatism—where fearless is normal

How to join us

To join up, click the “join us” heading or email For $25.00 we’ll enroll you as a member of Free New Zealand. You’ll have access to our discussions, you’ll get our newsletter, you can vote in our polls, sign our petitions and learn about events we organise.

We need skill and money to restore the country’s freedoms. If we’re to win any hope of freedom, this government must go, and we have, now, maybe a year to do it. Joint action and a strong active group are key to this.

If this government wins again, reversing the changes will very likely become impossible, since the voting rules themselves are being altered in favour of the activists.

It’s now or never

Richard Treadgold

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